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An award-winning work of surreal, reality-bending digital fiction spread across a time-period of 19 years.

John, a computer engineer and single father, inherits a collection of arcane objects from Mo, his mysterious relative. Over time, John and his daughter Charlotte begin to realise that these objects have unusual physical properties – and that the more they are exposed to them, the more their reality and memories appear to change.

Written and created by Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell. Funded by The Space. Soundtrack by Chris Joseph. Produced by Tracey McGarrigan.


AWARDED: 2017 Game Design Awards, Best Experimental Game Category.
AWARDED: 2017 Robert Coover Award for Electronic Literature, 2nd Place.
SHORTLISTED: 2017 Turn On Literature Prize.
SHORTLISTED: 2017 Opening Up Digital Fiction Competition.
AWARDED: 2016 Best Overall Game, Game City Festival.
AWARDED: 2015 Tumblr International Digital Media and Arts Prize.
FINALIST: 2014 BBC Writers' Room/The Space Prize for Digital Theatre.


"A compelling example of a literary game... Precisely what emerging authors/artists in this space should be seeking to duplicate."
- James O'Sullivan, Los Angeles Review of Books

“This is incredibly effective storytelling that will stick with you. All the Delicate Duplicates is a must-play....It's a standout game.”
Rated "A" – DefunctGames

“I rarely ever play a game twice, especially campaigns or story-driven games. Once they’re done, they’re done in my eyes. However All the Delicate Duplicates wants to smash that...And while your first time might be quick, second time around you’ll likely take your time and soak in what the game has to offer. All the Delicate Duplicates has certainly left a mark. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with a game that I could see kick start a new form of storytelling.”
9.3 out of 10 – N3rdabl3

“The more short games that I play, the more I’m really coming to appreciate little interactive fictions and experiences that can be completed in one sitting. Luminaries of such form might include Journey and Limbo and Firewatch, and it’s safe to count All the Delicate Duplicates amongst such company...All The Delicate Duplicates is refreshing simply because it works the brain in ways that few other games even bother to try. It’s certainly a game that sticks with you.”
8.2 out of 10 – Fuzzy Pixels

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Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9 USD. You will get access to the following files:

All the Delicate Duplicates for PC 927 MB
Version 1
All the Delicate Duplicates for PC (Installer Wizard) 916 MB
All the Delicate Duplicates for Mac 911 MB
All the Delicate Duplicates Soundtrack (14 tracks) 76 MB


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This game is really interesting. I was a little confused over the story line, but honestly, it was really fun and interesting to play. The graphics were great and as the story unfolded I found myself eager to discover more about what happened. Also, I never thought I would be scared of a Giant Chess piece but, here we are. Feel free to check out my video of it below: 

Thank you for playing and taking the time to make this video!